2017-10-10 06:30:28 by vidu3k333

I have just got restricted from using my laptop, I now only can use it in weekends.

Don't worry I will try as hard as possible to finish my projects.


I will make a video on it soon ;)

YouTube link:

VIP edit?

2017-10-01 11:56:42 by vidu3k333

Seems like a lot of people like my first (and cringy) original track by me named "Nyctonium"

Maybe I will make an edited and more enjoyable version of the song soon.

What do you think? 


2017-09-09 21:54:04 by vidu3k333

I'm bored so why not

Give me some requests/challenges to make music

It can be whatever you want so just comment below

If your was chosen I will PM you the song link

Sleep is for the weak

2017-08-26 00:29:06 by vidu3k333

Bro I'm bored.

"Why tho."

Exam is finished and now I don't know what to do.

"I had an idea!"

Not murdering people?

"Yeah. You said you are making music right?"

Yee. So?

"I bet $5 you can't make a good song in 1 hour."

Bruh. I can even do it at 3 am.

"Then post it online for prove. Deal?"


Finally finnished it! yuss :3

Yes every song of mine must to have piano. XD

Nycto-: word-forming element meaning "night," from Latinized form of Greek nykto-.

-ium: occurs in scientific coinages on a Latin model, as in names of metallic elements.


2017-07-13 17:02:54 by vidu3k333

FINALLY it's out!

I had lost my data once so it took a little bit longer than it should XD Thanks Kevin for supporting and helping me A LOT while I lost the song :D

It was a normal day. As usual, I go to YouTube to see my weird recommended videos. I stumbled across a video named "How to make a hit song in 1 minutes". The video itself was pretty hillarious, but the comment section is even better XD I saw a comment from Kevin saying "I'm new to making music and my self-esteem got defeated" because the video was too good XD I checked out his YT and that is how I found this song :)

Support him:

Original song:

Hope you enjoy the song and supporting me in the future :D

Hello NG

2017-07-05 07:06:50 by vidu3k333

Oh wow I can make a post here