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A long hiatus (:

Posted by vidu3k333 - August 20th, 2018

If you look at my age, you can see that I'm about to graduating high school. To focus more on the tests and exams, I had decided to lock my computer away. When this news is on my profile, that means I had already thrown the key to somewhere. I still can answer comments and messages (as I can do it on my phone) but my main reason to go here would be gone until next summer, so I would be very inactive.

As this will be the last time in a while I will be on here, I want to say thank you to some people:

@PancakePocket I know that you could never read this anymore, but thank you for being the first person to follow me and encourage me for making music. Wish you rest in peace.

@SirHadoken Thank you for being such an inspiration and help me realise that the thing that matters the most is not the goal but things you learned from your journey. (pls be more active on g+ ;-;)

@PulsaTio Not really a goodbye to you as you can contact me anytime, but thank you for calling me out being unoriginal. I'm still trying :) (pls be more active on ng ;-;)

@JordanKyser Thank you for giving me that shout out. You made me realised that maybe everything I made wasn't complete trash after all.

@Natcl23 Thank you for relying on me and doesn't get angry because I'm not really helpful. You can try better DAW or find something for free on PC, that would help your production a lot.

@EMBL3M Thank you for encouraging me. You might think that it's a lame thanks but you had actually helped me a lot in various ways :D

Lastly, a HUGE thanks to all of the people who are following me to this date. Even if it's because you are to lazy to click "unfollow" or not usually online here, I still love y'all. (no homo)

@SuperDuperSeb @Dryak @JesseGun @ConallRose @JordanKyser @Zophar @amurray327 @Oevin @EMBL3M @Dancing-Ducki @Boss @RareKirby @71011-NINJER @June-Bug @Samarama @smallterkey @mrpeteleerzd5officia @DAvMusic @Natcl23 @thVTA @CirdY34 @weeseladsm @VladimirOsipov @grayson4355 @Cesarinmono @BraianGamerH6645940 @Anthony-Blocker @XxP3pp3rxX @renatgadzhiev85 @GhostlyMeow @LUCHI16 @TAJones20 @PulsaTio @hardcore-dev @Nothing-but-things @BlueyYT @G-9878 @HD901 @Packtion @Rocky64 @Bencegamer @HDarkness1 @Nipplovia @Gexorter @CannonXIII @PancakePocket

Thanks again everyone, see you again next summer :D - NeyraX (vidu3k333)


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Glad to be inspiring to others :) good luck until then! See you when we meet again.

You're welcome for the shoutout! :D
(I don't think you are trash at all. Your music is quite amazing, even for an LMMS musician. :D)

I appreciate it, man! I'm glad to hear that I was able to help you in achieving that. I actually still check Google Plus multiple times a day, there just isn't much to respond to or say there. You can contact me any time from there. :)
Best of luck with your studies and the rest of your future. It's been fun! <3

Same thing's gonna happen to me because of all the classes that I've chosen>
(particularly AP world history)

Anyway, I hope you do well in whatever it is that you're studying for, and that you finish high school with at least a 3.0 lmao


Hey! Sad to see you're leaving :( Hope you do pass!

ayy I'll see you later man :D