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please ignore everything i've made before 2019 i'm too lazy to delete them all

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man "just an update" was posted right before covid hits so reading it felt like a fever dream

Geometry Dash whitelist:

Yeah because people looooove that game. I am officially whitelisted and some of my songs are available to use now. Go nuts.

Money problems:

Fuck it, money ain't shit. Covid is slowing down in my country and I can finally start searching for a part time job. Since most of my problems right now can be solved by saving up money doing side gigs and using cracked software, I think I will do just that. Though I would really appreciate it if you want to donate to me or ask me for commissions, I won't put any links here since I don't want to shove it on people faces.

thicc bass and sicc beat:

After nearly 5 years, I think I can say now that I have found my direction in music. I want to dedicate some time to polish it and my goal is to release at least an EP to mark as a new beginning. All my (two) attempts at publishing an EP has failed me so far and I'm not gonna be put down by this one.

Personal website:

I wanted to create my own website for a long time now and I'm still building it from the ground-up. It's currently in a stasis however, mainly because I need to pay money to keep it online (also because of my incompetence as a coder). Upon finishing, it will be a blog, a portfolio, and a reveal for a huge work in progress that I've been working on for years (and it would take years more in order to be finished).

Audius: (also Twitter)

join and follow me now. This page has become my main output for music, especially for songs that I don't think the NGAP Guidelines won't appreciate. Which also means that my YouTube and Soundcloud page has officially became wastelands.


ah yes the "young adult years", the beautiful years that you have absolutely no direction to go. no stable job, away from parents and friends. i have found out a lot about myself, both the good and the bad. no one i talked with has understand it and i doubt they ever will. it was a lot to take in and i think it's best that i try to work it out myself. if i'm not responding to your messages then sorry but it might take a while before i'm getting back to you.